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What is XCEL?

All natural XCEL, the original "Hair Color Accelerator & Conditioner", was created by a colorist to safely process any manufacturer's brand of hair color in just 4-12 minutes. It works great with semi-, demi- and permanent color, bleach, foils and hi-lift applications. A few drops added to any color mixture will produce deeper, more vibrant and longer lasting color. XCEL also helps in obtaining complete gray coverage.

XCEL consists of antioxidants, nutrients and vital oils which condition the hair during the coloring process, dramatically increasing the shine, strength and manageability of the hair.

Jojoba, one of XCEL's main conditioning ingredients, is used in its purest, all natural form for the deepest conditioning available. The golden color of pure jojoba is responsible for XCEL's golden tint. The antioxidant action of XCEL virtually eliminates color fading by removing free radicals from the hair. The hair is protected against chemical pollutants, UV radiation and severe climatic conditions.

XCEL can also be used in perms for extra conditioning, leaving the hair healthier, softer and shinier.

XCEL does not contain enzymes and is not an oxygen booster. It has been tested with every major color line and the results have been overwhelming.

Many colorists who have experienced the benefits of XCEL have referred to it as "Liquid Gold"! XCEL is used world wide by professionals who seek the best results!

For Your Information... The use of a dryer is required when using XCEL as heat is needed to accelerate the coloring process. XCEL stabilizes the peroxide in color and bleach and when combined with heat, opens the cuticle faster. This allows the color to penetrate the hair shaft quicker, deeper, and safer. Heat normally would deteriorate the condition of the hair, but XCEL contains vitamins, nutrients, and vital oils that condition the hair. Also, the exposure time of the hair to the chemicals in the color mixture is greatly reduced when using XCEL. The pH in color does not change when XCEL is used. The hair will remain healthier and shinier with long term use of XCEL.

HOW XCEL can benefit you, the colorist:

Increase your income - schedule more colors daily Continue to use your favorite brand of color Schedule late-in-the-day colors Enjoy a safe coloring experience with XCEL's all natural, non-irritating formula and easy to use consistency Cover resistant gray

Why are customers requesting XCEL?

Less time in the salon Dramatic increase in shine and overall better condition of their hair Cut and color done during their lunch hour 95% less fading! Healthier, softer, shinier hair when XCEL is used with perms

XCEL, the original "Hair Color Accelerator & Conditioner" has a history of excellent results and satisfied customers!

Major Ingredients & Their Benefits:

Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E): An antioxidant derived from plant oils, particularly wheat-germ oil.Antioxidants eliminate free radicals (generated by environmental factors such as chemical pollutants, certain drugs, alcohol and UV radiation) from the hair. Free radicals cause color fading and damage to hair.

Mineral Oil: Used as an emollient to make the hair softer and more pliable by retaining moisture.

Jojoba Oil: Found in a wide variety of cosmetic products, jojoba has certain restorative effects that greatly benefit the hair. (XCEL's golden tint is from the pure, natural form of jojoba.)

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Standard Color Applications: Add approximately 13 drops of XCEL to standard color mixture and mix thoroughly. (Standard mixture is I 1/2 oz. color and 1 1/2 oz. developer. For mixtures over 3 oz. total, add 18 to 20 drops of XCEL). Apply to the roots. Place plastic cap (with approximately 10 holes in cap) over hair, making sure the temples are covered. Place client under pre-heated warm, not hot, dryer for 8 to 10 minutes (if hair is resistant, let process for about 5 more minutes, see below for gray hair). Some colors may process in as little as 4 minutes. Remove cap, add about 4 or 5 more drops of XCEL to the remaining color mixture, and pull color through the ends ...leave on hair 4 to 5 minutes (without using dryer). Rinse and lightly shampoo.

For added protection and conditioning when coloring extra dry hair, use approximately 20 drops of XCEL in standard mixture and 25 drops for mixtures over 3 oz. total.


Follow standard color procedures and substitute number of drops used and amount of processing time as specified:

Gray Hair: When hair is 70 to 100% gray and resistant, it may be necessary to load the hair dye. This means altering the color to peroxide ratio. For instance, instead of 2 oz. color, 2 oz. peroxide use 2 oz. color, 1 3/4 oz. peroxide or I 1/2 oz. peroxide. This raises the amount of ammonia available in the mixture and also increases the density of the dye. Add 18 to 20 drops of XCEL to color mixture. Use only warm, not hot, dryer (with plastic cap) for 10 to 12 minutes.

Hi Lift Applications: Use 18 to 20 drops of XCEL with color mixture. More time is usually needed under the dryer (always use plastic cap)...Check at 12 to 15 minutes. Allow full 5 minute cool down.

Weaving With Foil: Add about 18 to 20 drops of XCEL to color mixture. Because the mixture sits for more than 20 minutes, it may be necessary to mix a fresh batch of color. (The drops will be overpowered by the ammonia). Place client under warm dryer (without plastic cap) for 6 to 12 minutes. Test the foil packets frequently, beginning at 5 minutes.

Use With Bleach: (without foils): Add about 18 to 20 drops of XCEL to mixture, use plastic cap and place client under low pre-heated dryer. Check in 5 minutes, processing usually takes 6 to 12 minutes. When bleaching extra dry hair, use about 25 to 30 drops of XCEL.

Semi- & Demi-Permanent Colors: The processing time may not be drastically reduced, however the condition of the hair will be greatly improved and the color will last longer. Follow the standard color directions. Depending on the brand of color used, processing time usually takes 10 to 20 minutes, although some colors have processed in just 4 minutes.

Reds: Some reds may develop one shade lighter. Most color lines are not affected. If you find your reds are developing lighter, drop one level lower. For instance, to achieve a level 8, drop to a level 7. Results will be the same as a level 8.

Use With Perms: XCEL can be used with perms for added conditioning, resulting in healthier, softer, shinier hair. Add approximately 10 drops of XCEL to the neutralizer, shake well, and apply as per perm instructions.

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