The Wet Brush Mermaid GreenZoom

The Wet Brush Mermaid Green

The Wet Brush Mermaid Green
Item# B830WM-GR
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Wet Brush, The Wet Collection includes brushes and combs that are perfect for detangling wet hair. You can use them on wet, damp or dry hair! They make a great styling tool for anyone in the family! Color coded for the entire family. Women, men and children will love the results of these ultra strength styling tools. The comb features an integrated pick that allows for volume and lift. Guaranteed not to break, extremely heat resistant. Soft, rubberized non-slip grip for a secure, comfortable hold. The unique, soft, flexible, nylon brush bristles create an entirely new brushing experience!


3", 11 rows, 196 pins

Ouchless detangler and massager

Works great on wet and dry hair

Perfect for men, women and kids

For thick, curly and straight hair

Soft flexible bristles detangles hair with ease

Soft, rubberized non-slip grip for a secure, comfortable hold

Avaliable in Assorted colors.

***Just a few reviews***

***Simply Amazing!!I've been using this brush for a few months now and let me tell ya it is AMAZING!!! I have the type of hair that would take FOREVER to detangle in the shower and when I would finally finish detangling my hair my arms would be tired and I would lose a lot of hair. Seeing all the hair I was losing everytime I would wash my hair would make me depressed. On top of that my scalp would end up sore from all that tugging and pulling from my old brush. I think that was one of the reasons why I stopped doing my hair curly because it would become a tangled mess. Ok so I came here to try my luck and see if I could find a detangler brush that didn't hurt when I would wash my hair and I came across the LuxorPro the "Wet" brush and I decided to purchase it. I thought, "why not? let's see if this works." The best part about these brushes is that Folica gives you the option of choosing the color you want and that this actually works. It detangles your hair in record time and it doesn't hurt when you're running it through you hair. It feels really good when you're passing it though to get the tangles out. It also doesn't make me lose alot of hair unlike the other brush so happy about that. I also use it on my little girl and she usually fights with me so that I don't brush her hair but with this brush she barely even feels when I'm passing it through. I love this brush so much that I bought another one to have as a spare and I will be getting more one for my mom and one for my sister. I wish I would've found this brush sooner, it would've saved me a lot of time and pain. Highly recommend this product!!!! !

***How Did They Do It??? How did they do it? Make a brush that can instantly remove tangles and distribute conditioner like this one does - it's AMAZING!

***My hair is thick and down to my bum, and this brush effortlessly gets out the snarls that I accumulate daily with ease.

***I read the other reviews before I purchased, but was still a little skeptical - TRUST ME THIS THING WORKS!!! Love it!!!!

***These brushes are the best detanglers, wet or dry. My two daughters have straight, long hair and these work the best without ripping the hair. They come in multiple bright colors so the girls know which brush is theirs. I have one too!

***The Best Detangler We Ever Had. With this brush I don't have to use detangler on my little girls' hair. They always hate3d brushing their hair because it would get so tangled, but this brush just slides right through their hair. It's FANTASTIC! And worth every penny.

***The Best Brush Ever! I was so skeptical when my hair dresser told me about the brush. Her arm always hurts when she has to comb out my hair. She gave it a try the last time I was there and it was awesome! I have never had a brush go through my wet, tangled hair like this one. I bought a couple more and I plan on giving them to my girlfriends! This should be called the miracle brush!

***Effortlessly Detangled My Long Hair...wet Or Dry While out on vacation I neede a new brush and picked the "Wet" Brush up by chance. It is unbelievable! It zipped through my long hair and glided effortlessly through what would normally be several minutes of knots and tangles. I don't know what the designers did, but it works! My daughter and daughter-in-law both have long hair and I am sending them one too. If you have a child with medium to long length hair, you'll be giving you and your child a happier and practically painless hair grooming experience -no more screaming. I absolutely love this brush!

***An Awesome Brush! I love this brush! It quickly works through tangles while in the shower or as soon as you get out and helps make styling and drying that much easier. It also feels great to use and massages the scalp! I highly recommend this brush. It will be perfect for the summertime after a day at the beach or at the pool, too!
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