Spornette Long Smooth Operator 2 1/2"

Item# 4470
$16.00, 6/$93.00, 12/$180.00
The Spornette Long Smooth Operator family of aerated round brushes each feature an ouch-less handle that is one piece, eliminating that nasty small space where the handle and barrel join and can often cause tangles or snarls. Each brush also features a modern, electric blue aerated ceramic barrel, which enhances the ease of blow dry and styling. Ions or tourmaline powders enhance the bristles on these brushes, which are additives that emit ions when used with styling tools. These ions breakup water molecules so smaller molecules can be more easily absorbed into hair strands, reducing brittleness and permitting the hair to be more soft and stretchable.

Spornettes Long Smooth Operator collection features longer round barrels that are ideal for creating cascading styles and styling longer hair sections. The barrels also quickly heats up when used with a hair dryer for rapid styling. Browse our selection of Long Smooth Operator round brushes below. And, remember, the longer the hair, the larger diameter brush youll need.
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