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Product Description

"MICRO CUT" Edge System. Japanese HITACHI Stainless Steel. HRC 60.5. 100% Handmade in Japan. Hand "MIRROR" finish. Removable Finger Rest. 2 Year Warranty. Thrust Ball Bearing System. NO Oiling and NO Adjusting.

KASHO Professional Hair Styling Scissors are manufactured of high-carbon stainless steel alloys which have superior resistance to corrosion and wear. KASHO's advanced technology tempers the alloy to it's optimum hardness in the vacuum of an atmospheric chamber. KASHO's state-of-the-art sub-zero quench technology Ensures long-term blade sharpeness and durability for the ULTIMATE EDGE.

KASHO's unique Ultimate Edge provides the smoothest, sharpest cutting performance in premium-grade scissors. KASHO's convex Blade holds the most efficient cutting edge possible. The inside surface of each blade is hollow-ground, allowing the blade to touch only at the actual cutting edge. The Ultimate Edge is designed to place in your hand the outstanding cutting performance essential to the full realization of your own creativity.

KASHO's precision artisan-technicians with centuries of expertise hand-hone, balance, and polish our shears, resulting in flawless beauty, peerless feel and balance, and of course, that world famous KASHO edge. With the highest quality materials and craftmanship, as well industry leading research and development, KASHO is dedicated to the total satisfaction of the Haircutting professional.

KASHO's Professional Hair Styling Shears are made in three handle (or shank) configurations: offset, semi-offset and straight. The offsets allow you to work with your sholder straight and elbow down, using minimal wrist movement. KASHO's Adjustable Tension System allow the stylist to consistently maintain perfect alignment between blades. This not only reduces friction, (resulting in longer blade life), it also ensures the stylist always experiences the effortless cutting for which KASHO is world famous.

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