Hot Sock Diffuser

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Product Description

Hot Sock Diffuser
You'll want a Hot Sock to take care of all kinds of curls! Ultra light diffuser that prevents heat damage and gives you better overall diffusion. Perfect for salon, home, and travel! The Hot Sock is a fabulous diffuser made of soft, flexible lightweight foam. Its unique design gives you better overall diffusion. It can be carried in purse or pocket. So easy to travel with - takes up almost no space at all and weighs only ounces. Gone are the days of heavy, bulky attachments. It wont fly off the end of the dryer and minimizes dryer overheating.


Perfect for permed, naturally curly, or wavy hair.

Keeps hair looking healthy... prevents heat damage and control frizz.

Great for quick-drying roller sets.

Good for salon, travel, or home use.

Fits virtually every size blow dryers.


The Hot Sock slips over the blow dryer nozzle, and should extend 2 to 3inches beyond the end of the dryer.

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