Creative Curve 3"

Item# CR200-T
$14.00, 6/$81.00, 12/$156.00
Creative T-CURVE Tourmaline/Ceramic Ionic Brush CR200 ARC This tool is the sister brush to our successful triangle series. The curve shape achieves full contact of the brush bristles with the hair and scalp allowing bristles to reach the hair's root, stretching and pulling them for added volume. By using the brush at different angles you can control the tension needed to create any style. The angle prevents hair from sliding out of the brush bristles during styling, giving perfect control for better results in less time. The Creative T-Curve is patented and unique and it features Tourmaline/Ceramic and Negative Ion Technology. Tourmaline/Ceramic Technology: NP Nano-Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Hair brush distributes heat across the entire surface evenly, retains heat more efficiently, and elimintes damaging hot spots. Ceramic emits a natural source of negative ions and far infrared heat that hepls your hair preserve more moisture within the hair shaft, elimiates frizz and close the culticle to create smooth and shiny hair, and causes less damage to the hair cuticle during styling. Negative Ion Technology: Negative ions are atoms that can stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, etc., resulting in healthier hair and scalp. Negative ion energy is powerful enough top break apart cluster of water molecules. The smaller water moleules penetrate into the hair shaft by slipping between the cuticles, adding volume to hair.
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