Magnesium Thermic Booster Flat

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Product Description

Magnesium Thermic Booster Flat
The Booster 60 Magnesium is the latest innovative brush in the Italian Turbo Power collection of professional tools. Its width of 60 mm and double rows of bristles make it a unique thermal flat brush with multiple functions as no other brush on the market. It is very useful for detangling, drying, and straightening long hair after shampooing. It has 60mm of flat thermal surface and the hair lays without interruption on a magnesium surface of bars and springs that abundantly absorbs and maintains the heat from the dryer. The wide spaces between the bars and the springs distribute evenly the warm air flow. The two strong, lateral nylon rows hold the hair firmly. The handle structure is small and ergonomically similar to a cylindrical brush of small diameter; therefore, it can be easily used by someone with small hands. It has the light weight and the manageability of a small brush, and all the functions and advantages of a large brush.

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